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R.F.Gataoullin, G.R.YuldashevaPublic welfare: principles and inter-temporal changes 7

The paper shows the economic background of public welfare and the principles of its inter-temporal changes. Of interest is the research history of the problem. Freshness of the paper is in the study of mechanisms of population income formation in various phases of social reproduction. The authors come to the conclusion that the governmental policy in this issue should be aimed at promotion of higher population incomes and more equitable distribution patterns.

G.G.AralbuyevaHuman potential as a factor of social and economic development 18

The paper presents the studies of human potential formation in the Orenburg Region. Human potential development reflects society progress and is a factor of eco-nomic growth and indicator of national resources level.

Yu.P.VoronovaInter-branch income distribution and the role of rent in the Russian economy 22

Data analysis on the rate of return and level of compensation in various branches of Russian economy results in the conclusion of a significant and stable in-ter-branch income differentiation. The reason of this is coexistence of several types of rents in certain branches: monopoly, innovation, and foreign trade rent.

G.M.Zaripova, R.I.МoullaghirovaThe role of interest rate in the stability of economic equilibrium 36

The interest rate may be considered an independent economic factor, stability regulator and an economic constant. The authors make use of the trend stability theory and Hicks-Hansen models, plot curves and differential systems, which show the inter-est rate influence on the stability of economic equilibrium.

E.М.SalikhovaSpecific character of administrating a privately-run higher education system as a social-economic whole 47

The author offers the examination of general-theoretical and application prob-lems in administrating a privately-run domestic higher education system of our time. She concludes with regulatory hints for the development of privately-run higher edu-cation in a region, based on sociologic research analysis.


V.E.Lyalin, R.V.FaizoullinIntellectual information technology for the evaluation of product manufacture efforts in machine-building 54

The paper presents an intellectual informational-interpretive system of labor content forecasting for machine-building components in the phase of production de-sign study through elaboration and employment of centroid transformation method for component drawings recognition and formation of component design-and-production specifications, knowledgebase creation on the basis of expert advice on the labor con-tent in production of similar products, performed teaching of computerized system, elaborated labor content interpretation algorithms for the expertized products based on the apparatus of solution trees and fuzzy logic with final conclusion on including of a particular component into a certain labor content class.

М.G.AkhmadeyevAgro-industry development strategy 54

The paper examines theories and practices involved in the creation and im-provement of cluster management strategy in the agrarian sector. It indicates both promoting and impeding conditions for the cluster system progress in the region. The main parameters of cluster strategy in action are illustrated with the report on the ac-tivity of the joint stock farm unit «Krasny Vostok».

А.А.FattakhovFinancial stability of regional economic systems: evaluation methods and management strategies 77

The paper analyzes methodic concepts and strategic aspects in the management of regional economic system financial stability (RES FS). It also presents a compara-tive analysis of the Russian Federation and RB economic performances. The author offers a new innovative system of RES FS evaluation that may be tried and improved by various researchers in their scientific projects.

R.А.Galin, L.L.Galina, Т.R.AkmadiyevaPublic health in the Republic of Bashkortostan: survey and trend analysis 89

Galin et al. analyze several methods of public health assessment and show ad-vantages and drawbacks of each method. Taking the Republic of Bashkortostan as an example, they have also investigated the trends in morbidity rate for various social and demographic groups of population.

А.S.KanchourinAnalysis of economically effective ways of switchover to the open software in an educational institution 101

The author has analyzed the experience in the open software adoption and application in the educational process in Great Britain, France and USA; indicated positive and negative sides, gains and difficulties that spring up in the process of switchover to the open software in an educational institution. Furthermore, he cites the calculated spendings for the installation of license software on the computers with Windows and Linux platforms.

Section: ABROAD

K.J.HuntAccounting in Australia 106

This article gives a brief view of the role of accountants in Australia from the aspect of the career alternatives of University graduates. It also makes some observa-tions of the corporate, taxation and regulatory environment in which accountants op-erate.

Yu.I.VlasovaThe major papers of UN organizations on the world economic and social development published in 2006–2007 109

The article gives a brief review of the most important papers on social and eco-nomic issues published by the UN Secretariat and its specialized organizations: World Bank, International Labor organization, UN Development Program, UN Conference on Trade and Development.


Е.V.TselishchevaMethods for the investigation of economic background in competitiveness of the financial services market 120

Financial globalization is one of the key manifestations and components of the con-temporary process of the world economy globalization. Therefore it looks appropriate to pay special attention to the analysis of competitiveness in the financial service market. This is due to the need for a new development model of the financial market, its higher competitiveness and creation of competitive institutions of financial industry.

C.R.GherasimovaSavings in the Russian Federation. Modern trends 127

The paper offers a report on the main problems in the attraction of investments in Russia. In particular these problems are seen in the context of personal savings. The author indicates five phases in the formation of organized savings market in the RF and the factors, which complicate the process at the last phases. She also suggests a series of areas of focus for the state regulation of the savings process within the described phenomena.

R.L.NigmatoullinaQuality of educational services in the higher education system (economic approach) 138

The paper investigates the problems of guaranteed quality of educational ser-vices in the domestic higher education system. The author specifically indicates to-day's particular requirements for the quality of a competent specialist formation.


Shayakhmetov I.F.95-th anniversary of L.V.Kantorovich 144


Gataoullin R.F.Critical review of the monograph by S.G.Kapkanshchikov “State regulation of economy”. 148

Shayakhmetov I.F.Critical review of the monograph by T.G.Galayaoutdinov “Man and economy”. 150

Fattakhov А.А.Research in the Institute of economics, IT and management at the Eastern Academy of economics, law and humanities (VEGU Academy). 152