1 (39): .


U.Z.Akhmadoullin, Kh.M.AkhmadoullinaSafe behavior: theoretical background for research 13

The authors review various theoretical approaches to the problem of safe behavior. They specify the role the culture of safe life style plays in the concept of multi-level continuous system of upbringing and education.

N.A.VsevolodovaInterrelation of family education style and adaptation level of high school senior students 20

The paper dwells on the interrelation of family education style and high school senior students adaptation level. It analyses the combinations of various education styles with various student adaptation styles and their influence on the childrens personal characteristics.

..GaripovaTo innovative development of society through innovative education and personal behavior 26

The author applies theoretic analysis for such topical issues of social development as the requirements of modern society to a person, innovative development of society, acquisition of social and cultural communication skills in foreign languages in the course of professional formation, innova-tive way of thinking, personal innovative behavior.

N.S.Gloukhaniuk, L.G.DmitrievaPersonal cognizance of dialogue in the individual consciousness of students with various communication styles 35

The authors analyze the results of empirical research aimed at re-vealing the personal cognizance of dialogue in the individual consciousness of students with various communication styles. The research has confirmed the assumption of the dialogue being a multivariable structure with a com-plex psychological content.

R.R.TayipovOverarching qualification framework in the open distance teaching system as a factor of educational process improvement 42

The paper is focused on the overarching qualification framework forma-tion in the open distance teaching system as a factor of educational process im-provement. The issue is of current concern due to the need for creating a higher education institutions qualification system based on the principle of openness, which is particularly topical for the introduction of Bologna Process principles. The author proposes the mechanisms of overarching qualification framework formation within higher education institutions Qualification (Testing) Centers, uniform qualification procedures and tools.

R.M.FatykhovaCulture as a dialogue and dialogue in culture 46

The paper analyzes the dialogical nature of culture. It shows the place of dialogue in culture and traces the history of dialogism from the ancient to mod-ern times. Great attention is given to the study of dialogicity as immanent logic of culture.

E.R.Khakimov, D.S.PanovPedagogical conditions for professional skill formation of a teacher 55

The paper offers a review of standpoints by psychologists and didacts on pedagogical skills and knowledge and their correlation. The main types of teachers professional skills are examined, as well as conditions for their formation.

V.E.ShteinbergDidactic design and professional competence of an educator 60

The paper investigates the problems stemming from the exigence to master didactic design as an advanced trend in teaching practice and im-portant component of design education as well as its methodological basis and possible organizational development forms.


A.I.Bourkhanov, ..KhoroshevaHealth-saving aspects of educational technologies 65

The present paper is focused on the health-saving aspects in general and vocational education. The authors analyze various education technolo-gies in terms of health saving. They offer questionnaire survey-based rec-ommendations on the organization of health-saving education and upbring-ing of children and adolescents.

E.S.VasilyevOn preparedness of future teachers for the use of IT in the modern education process 71

The author is motivating the inclusion of informational component in the teachers formation system to enhance their preparedness for the use of information and communication technologies in the modern educational process, which is especially topical in the epoch of rapid global internet development.

.G.GorskayaWriting on local lore as a form of ecologic education and upbringing 81

The author reviews the main trends in local lore studies and their significance in training process. She also highlights the role of free-writing assignments for students on local lore topics as a specific form of ecologic education and upbringing

L.G.TatarnikovaMetascientific approach to the formation of a Bachelor of Education 86

The author analyzes the aspects of formation of competensive spe-cialists in health-sustaining oriented pedagogics. She singles out universal competencies in the context of the new XXI-century educational paradigm

S.B.KhousnoutdinovaInterrelation of existential orientations and temperament 86

The article shows the way personal existential orientation affects the individual self-regulation style, underlines their significance and analyzes the interrelation of certain existential orientation categories with tempera-mental features in the formation of self-regulation style

.Iu.FarrakhovaSpecific features of internship organization for students in psychology 102

The article discloses the specific features in the organization of vari-ous types of internship activity in compliance with the requirements of the National Standard in higher professional education, qualification 02.04.00 Psychology (in Centers of Medical Psychology, Telephone Emergency Services, Employment Centers, infant schools).

Section: ABROAD

Lin LuSources of morals formation in a Chinese family 111

The paper analyzes the main postulates of popular pedagogics in China. It discloses such concepts as parental and adult respect, key mo-ments for the formation of infant moral qualities, the importance of which were underlined already by ancient Chinese philosophers.

G.N.SouleimenovaProcedures of Quality Management System documenting in a higher educational institution: elaboration and main phases 121

The paper treats the vital issue of the modern management in higher educational institutions: QMS documenting the main requirements for QMS content, analysis of document package, document hierarchy. The author analyzes the experience in employing the quality system bundled software in the Russian higher educational institutions, which serves as computerized support of its elaboration and functioning.


.R.BiktaghirovaTheoretical aspects of studying the psychological culture of a manager 127

The paper dwells on the psychological culture of a manager, which conditions the organizational culture thus influencing all the processes in a company. The psychological culture of a manager is viewed here as an in-tegrative, holistic and multicomponent entity, whose every component is in-terrelated with the others and has specific functions.

S..akhmoutgarayevaProblem of infant rights security in an educational institution 134

The author endeavors to analyze the problem regarding the social status of one of the major subjects of educational process the pupil, from the point of view of existence and enforcement of his inalienable rights in the contemporary society.

G..innibayevaProvision of practice-focused training at VEGU Academy 139

The paper offers analysis of the main items in the Concept of efforts to provide the practice-focused training at the Eastern Academy of Eco-nomics, Law and Humanities. Being one of the Concept creators, the au-thor offers the motives for the creation and adoption of this document, un-derlines its strong innovative nature and significance in case of application


.P.Gafourova.N..Dmitriev author of the Grammar of the Bashkir language. 146


Garipov M.I.The role of science in the organization of academic activity (case study: Institute of psychology and social/cultural work in the VEGU Academy. 149

Fatykhova L..Critical review of the monograph by A.A.Garipova Communication in a foreign language. 154