№4 (42): Философия. Социология. Политология



A.R.AbdoullinExistence of the New Testament man (following R.Bultman’s study) 4

The author analyzes the work of the German theologist and philoso-pher R.Bultman «The New Testament and Mythology» (Neues Testament und Mythologie), where he singles out the following issues: New Testament my-thology and the essence of its nunciate; methods of human identity attain-ment; demythologized sense of the acts of God.

E.V.BindichenkoConsumer service as institution: social essence, features, functions 14

The paper is an endeavor to examine the sphere of consumer service from the position of institutional theory, i.e. to interpret it not only as a sec-tor of public production but also as historically determined social system, which sustains, on the private, corporative (associational) or public basis, conjointly with other social institutions, the organization of society.

V.E.BougheraFriedrich Nietzsche from bolshevism’s angle in the early XX century 19

The article analyses the causes of Bolsheviks’ interest in the ideas of F.Nietzsche and things in common between Marxism-Leninism ideology and Nietzscheanism.

N.B.KostinaThe theory of social unit: traditions and new trends 29

The article offers resumptive characteristics of the social unit theory developed by the leading foreign and domestic sociologists by the end of the XX century, as well as analysis of its advantages and drawbacks. The au-thor also notes the underdevelopment of methodology in the identification of social units as type of social groups and presents her view of theoretical aspects in sociological study of social units, criteria of their classification and definition of the «social unit» notion itself.

V.I.LoutovinovThe system of military threats for the security of Russia:military and political analysis 40

The paper presents a military and political analysis of the system of military threats for the national security of Russia in the contemporary world. The author singles out and describes seven source groups of exter-nal military threats for the Russian Federation and specifies the internal military threats for the national security. He also marks the altered content of previous threats and their distribution in three domains of armed strug-gle (continental area, World Ocean, air and circumterrestrial space).

N.N.RazuvayevaPrivatization in Russia: national features 52

The author uses historical and politological approach to analyze the specific features, phases and forms of the property privatization process, which was going on in Russia in the 90s of the XX century. The analysis shows the inconsistencies and social impact of this process.

V.A.TomilovEducation system and sustainable development of society 65

The author states his grounds for the idea that at least three educa-tional models may be elaborated in the context of sustainable development of society in recognition of education being the factor, which influences this process, and these three are: static, dynamic and transitive. He gives their characteristics and describes their role in the modern society.


G.M.KazakbayevaInteraction study of education and human capital 73

The article presents the analysis of studies in the category «human capital», whose formation, disposal, and preservation is influenced by social institutions and social processes, including education.

V.R.NabioullinaThe main trends in the analysis of infant socialization in the family 83

The paper presents the results of sociological study made in the Re-public of Tatarstan with the aim of revealing the problems of infant sociali-zation in the family. The author underlines the importance of social inte-grational background based on the ethnic cultural tradition and the role of folk upbringing patterns in the process of socialization of an individual.

A.P.ProussRegional image as a factor of its development 94

Keywords Summary The paper based on the long-term sociological studies directed by the author reports the main trends in the image formation of the Orenburg Re-gion, technique of regional brand formation and specific nature of territory positioning under the new economic conditions. The author has for the first time ever in the modern historiography of the Region shown specific fea-tures of inner and outer perception of the Orenburg area image.

Section: ABROAD

R.F.Gataoullin, V.G.Ishmouratova, R.M.SagatgareyevMain principles and trends in the creation of effective poverty control system 102

The paper offers the justification for the creation of effective poverty control system under the conditions of market economy. The author formu-lates the main principles and trends of improvement of social protection of separate population groups: employed, pensioners, unemployed, invalids etc.

Yu.N.Dorozhkin, R.B.IgbayevRetraditionalization trends in the contemporary political system of the Republic of Kazakhstan 111

The paper is an endeavor to analyze political culture of Kazakhstan; it presents the main trends in retraditionalization, which exert a significant impact on political processes and activity of Kazakhstan political system. The authors review Soviet and pre-Soviet political traditions in the contem-porary political life of Kazakhstan from the point of view of their corre-spondence to the democratic aspirations declared by the political elite of this country. They conclude that the fruits of retraditionalization turned out to be far away from the norms of democracy and development of civil cul-ture of political involvement in the contemporary Kazakhstan.

Yu.Yu.KomlevSociological study of crime: analysis of foreign experience 121

The article analyzes the principal sociological methods in the study of crime with account of its latent constituent. The author discloses the ad-vantages and drawbacks of statistical and sociological approaches to the study of crime as a type of negative deviant behavior. He shows the role of public victimization reviews and other sociological techniques in the effi-ciency improvement of law enforcement bodies, better information aware-ness of scientists and legal instruction of the society.


M.V.ShatskayaFunctions of political parties in the local administration 135

The paper examines the peculiar features in the functioning of Rus-sian political parties under the conditions of reformed local administration system, which fact urges them to fulfill not only traditional but also new tasks. The author suggests her own classification of political parties under the new conditions, which allows to evaluate their activity at the municipal level.

E.N.YamalovaPolitical and legal aspects of implementation of state natality policy in the Republic of Bashkortostan 144

The article reviews the main trends in the state regional demographic policy. With the Republic of Bashkortostan as a case study, the author ex-amines the normative and legal basis of support and regulation in the sphere of family, maternity and childhood.


Doushin A.N135-th Anniversary of Nikolai Alexandrovich Berdyayev 151


Akhmadoullina Kh.M., Minnibayeva G.E., Farkhoutdinova L.V.Education system in Ufa as estimated by its citizens 155

Khalilova N.R.Critical review of the monograph by E.N.Pachkolina «Marginality phenomenon in student environment» 161