№1 (45): Педагогика. Психология



The mindset theory by D.N.Uznadze in general psychology and backbone evolution factor 6

The paper explores the things in common between psychological theory of mindset by D.N.Uznadze and theory of functional systems by P.K.Anokhin. Postulated are the start simultaneity and nonseparability of psychological and biological evolution, integrity and indivisibility of the psychic and the physiologic, their dialectical unity.

Retrospective approach to the study of methodological basis for advanced teaching experience theory 10

The article presents the methodological and theoretical basis for the study, synthesis and application of advanced teaching experience; the author analyzes the main concepts and development trends of this phenomenon.

Social environment in communication in a foreign language 18

According to the author, the social environment in its various manifes-tations is a specific constituent of professional and sociocultural communica-tion in a foreign language, and its features must be taken into account when training the future professionals for practice-oriented communication.

Creative abilities and innovations in teaching 25

The article raises the issue of creative ability formation in primary school teachers indispensable in the modern rapidly developing educational environment. It relates the nature of lateral thinking and methods of training the future teachers for it.

Religion and Law in polycultural environment: educational aspect 31

The paper dwells on the need to introduce a course «Religion and Law» at the faculties of law, which is prompted both by experience of human rights organizations and experts in liberty of conscience and by analysis of the religious associations activity in Russia


Formation of ecological competence in senior preschoolers 34

The paper analyzes the competence-based approach in the contempo-rary Russian education imposed by the entrance in the European educational environment. More particularly it explores the formation of initial ecological competence in senior preschoolers: content, structure, objectives, signifi-cance

Personality features of adolescents from a risk group 41

Kh.М.Akhmadoullina, Z.М.Youlamanova, U.Z.Akhmadoullin
The paper offers theoretical backgrounds of various scientists for the issue of personality formation in adolescence. The author also presents the results of empirical study of personality features of adolescents from a risk group.

Health-improving trend in teaching as one of the most important principles of contemporary education 49

А.I.Burkhanov, Т.А.Khorosheva
The present article concerns a series of interrelated issues existing around the promotion and preservation of health in schoolchildren. The au-thor analyzes the influence of intraschool factors on the organism of children and adolescents and proposes a complex health-improving program «Healthy school – healthy nation».

Communicational competence and its significance in pursuing the objective of learning the second language 57

The paper surveys the points of view of various researchers at the na-ture of communicational competence in the process of mastering the second language, the formation basis of which are linguistic and lingvo-cul¬turo¬logical competences.

Coaching as the basis of innovative ways of development and management 63

The article raises a wide range of questions related to the coaching as type of individual support for people, who set up the objective of professional and personal growth, enhancement of personal efficiency.

Reflections on the project of the Concept of military-patriotic education by public organization ROSTO (DOSAAF) 69

The article analyzes the structure and main provisions of the draft of Concept of military-patriotic education elaborated by the public organization ROSTO (DOSAAF (Russian Defense Technical Sports Organization – Volun-tary Association for Assistance to Army, Aviation and Fleet). The author gives his value judgment of this document and examines its practical impor-tance

The role of Information and Communication Technologies in the activation of cognitive work at the lessons of the Bashkir language 75

The author looks into the topical problem in the theory and method of teaching the Bashkir language: activation of pupils’ cognitive work with info-comm technologies. She underlines the importance of their employment but warns against full computerization of teaching process.

Psycho-pedagogical correction of functional state in sickly preschoolers and children of elementary school age 81

The paper presents the results of survey of functional state of organism in sickly children of preschool and elementary school age, which revealed prevailing abnormalities caused by emotional tension, psychological stresses due to physiological alteration or adverse background of encephalic hemo-dynamics as a result of perinatal pathology. The author suggests the ways and methods of solution to this problem.

Parents of preschoolers on organizational problems in the preschool education system in Ufa (based on opinion survey) 87

L.V.Farkhoutdinova, I.G.Boronilova, G.E.Minnibayeva
The article presents the results of opinion survey on affordability and quality of preschool education, children upbringing and teaching system in the existing preschool educational institutions performed by the sociological laboratory of VEGU Academy by order of Ufa City Administration, among the parents of preschoolers.

Aggressive behavior risk factors in adolescents 93

V.V.Shevtsov, А.V.Shevtsov
The article offers the results of mental state investigation among the pupils in sports-and-defense specialization classes, presents psychological syndrome of aggressive behavior, and includes a suggestion of a program for adolescent aggression prevention.

Section: ABROAD

Conditions and factors for onset of aggressive behavior in adolescents 99

The paper explores the specific aspect of personality formation of adoles-cents: conditions and factors for onset of aggressive behavior. The author discloses the causes and signs of aggressiveness and personal features of an aggressive ado-lescent. She also underlines the importance and necessity of due account of psycho-lo¬gical peculiarities of adolescent personality in selection of corrective intervention.

Educational psychology requirements in personality formation of contemporary teacher 104

The paper presents the up-to-date professional requirements for a teacher. The author reviews the features of future teachers’ training, methods of diagnos-tics of suitability for teaching, trends in his professional culture formation.

Invariant modeling of psychic reflection 111

The paper presents the invariant model of human psychic reflection elabo-rated by the author that may find a wide use in many branches of psychology.


Activity approach as philosophic-worldview position 120

The article traces the history of philosophic-worldview theory of activ-ity, which serves as a theoretic arsenal of pedagogy as a science.

Problems of aggression control 127

The article is a brief review of nowadays available methods and means of aggressive behavior control, prevention and correction. Special attention is paid to the achievements of domestic psychologists. The emphasis is laid on the early training of children to give constructive form to their aggression.

The role of family in the cultivation of moral and patriotic values 133

The paper examines the family as the main institution of civilian so-cialization and subject of cultivation of moral and patriotic values in the younger generation: its functions at the various stages of child’s intromission into society, conditions of successful socialization of children, and the role of family upbringing in civilian consciousness formation.

Gender, cross cultural and age factors in conjugal relations: urban and rural surveys 138

he article presents the results of conjugal relations survey aimed at revealing the impact of various factors on the distribution of conjugal roles.


A Man of Science, Teacher, Educationalist (85-th anniversary of N.A.Tomin) 145


Critical Review of the training aid by G.V.Burmenskaya, E.I.Zakharova, O.A.Karabanova, A.G.Leeders «Developmental psychology background in consulting children and adolescents» 151

Critical Review of the monograph by G.M.Kazakbayeva«Optimization problems in provision of teachers for rural localities of the region» 153

Research work at the Institute of psychology and social/cultural work in the VEGU Academy. 155