2 (46):



V.K.Nousratullin 5

The author reviews the social-economic situation in the country, provides rationale for a theoretical foundation of socially uniting ideology, analyzes the problems of domestic economic science, presents his grounds to prove the objectivity of nonequilibrium economic theory and the necessity to use it as theoretical basis of modern ideology, suggests the way out of degrading economy and demoralized society.

Theoretic and methodological basis for the structural development of regional recreational system 15

The article analyzes the basic idea behind the regional recreational systems, their characteristics and factors of their development. She also investigates the subsystems making part of regional recreation system structures and their interaction.

A.V.Chayanovs theory of peasant household in the context of Russian agrarian sector development 21

The paper presents the studies on the state of peasant households in retrospective and the basis of their development in the future in the theory of the distinguished agrarian scholar A.V.Chayanov. The author also presents his own views on the use of the scholars recommendations in the contemporary Russian agriculture.

Ageing of population: social-economic repercussion 31

R..Galin, L.L.Galina, T.R.Akmadiyeva
Galin et al. explore the issues connected with the ageing of population that has encompassed all developed nations. They single out the features of this process in Russia and their repercussion in the social evolution. They also note that changes in age composition of the population are ill-considered in the social policy of the State.

Economic behavior of consumer: nano level 40

The article analyses the so-called nano factors in the formation of economic behavior of consumer. The author concludes that they act as independent factors in the trend formation of actual consumer behavior, and that determines the importance of analysis of phenomena specific to nano level.

Efficiency of social insurance: essence, methods of assessment and enhancement 47

R.F.Gataoullin, ..Latypov
The paper analyzes the social insurance nature, criteria and measures of efficiency, the main areas of focus in reforming of this system in the context of market economy

Analysis of investment activity and problems in forecasting the volume of investments in the region 56

.R.Farrakhetdinova, ..Khousniyev
The paper presents the analysis of investment activity in the Republic of Bashkortostan, shows the problems in forecasting the volume of investments and offers suggestions for its improvement.

Adaptation of the young to entrepreneurial activity in a region (case study: Omsk Region) 63

The paper analyzes the results of social studies performed in the Omsk Region aimed at revealing the processes existent among the young people and adaptation of the young to entrepreneurial activity.

Economic results of pipeline damage and cost estimation approaches 71

A.I.Kalashnik, N.A.Kalashnik
The paper presents the assessment method for losses caused by pipeline damage singling out three main groups of them: oil products loss, short-delivery and repair and renewal operations. The authors show the expedience of its use in the Murmansk Region in view of construction of trunklines for oil pumping from the West Siberian fields to the port of Murmansk, as well as Shtokman Volkhov gas pipeline.

Historical experience of stock management 79

The article explores the primal stage in the formation of economic relations in human civilization, awareness of necessity of stock formation, household development, and accumulation of experience in aggregate and individual stock management. The author singles out several steps in this stage of Ancient World economy development marked by key achievements in stock formation.


Procedure of system validation and criteria formalization for effective build-up of electronic documentary interchange of a commercial bank 85

V.B.Ivanov, .R.Zainoullin, G.G.Koulikov
The article examines the main criteria for the selection of bank electronic documentary interchange system. The authors suggest the procedure to assess the electronic payment transaction exposure of a bank.

Positioning in wireless networks Wi-Fi 92

The article examines the positioning system, which may serve for a variety of applications both in factory automation and for service quality improvement.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID): practical solutions and economical efficiency 95

.V.Lyalichkin, Yu.V.Pushkina
The paper reviews the usability of IT as a tool to enhance business efficiency and lower financial burden. To this end the authors suggest the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), barcoding and 2D coding technologies.

Elaboration of operation algorithm for a wireless sensor-based network 99

The author presents two algorithms elaborated by him for a wireless sensor-based network: automatic sensor coordinate calculation based on the distance between the sensors and automatic calculation of pipe defect axial coordinates based on the data from the nearest-to-defect sensors, as well as program code in nesC language implementing these algorithms.

Features of the interface of a web-application copying and installation model and conditions of its commercialization 105

G.G.Kulikov, G.V.Startsev, R.N.Agapov, K.A.Konev
The article describes the specific features of web-application cloning, analyzes the interface component of both installation package and forms of source web-application. The authors also offer recommendations on commercialization of the prepared package.

Problem of maintaining a college electronic library 114

The article reviews the procedure of file management for a college electronic library. The author underlines the importance of this work: opening access to study materials and creating conditions for periodic testing and other types of training control for students (and schoolchildren) for a fee a college may increase the number of its students.

The use of situation control system for on-line monitoring of a SCADA-system operator 119

The paper presents a dynamic model, which adequately simulates the individual human physiological arousal rhythms. The data obtained through modeling may be used, in particular, to build up optimal work schedules for SCADA system operators.

Section: ABROAD

Health Care Reform in Russia: The Gap in Access to Quality Health Care for All Remains Wide. A Comparison with Canada 126

V.Zakirova, D.Zakus, Ch.Larson, R.Gataullin
The paper reviews the issues of health care reform in Russia and the influence of this process on the quality of life. The emphasis is laid on the fact that despite the constitutional guarantees of free medical attention for everyone, in reality the medical services of quality are only accessible for those capable to pay to the hospital and its personnel for attendance. Also marked out is the regional disparity: health care systems of poorer regions more often than not remain deprived of means in the process of nation-wide funds distribution. And that aggravates the situation with health service access for their inhabitants. The authors are convinced that good lessons brought from the West, Canada for example, could be helpful in the implementation of health care reforms in Russia.


Particulars of corporate performance in economic crisis 135

The article reviews the companies chances for success in times of economic crisis. The author underlines the particular role of top-managers in this period, which should contribute not only to survival but to a shoot forward.

Personnel management in agro-industry 139

The article dwells on the issue of current concern in the formational period of market relations: personnel management in agro-industry (the role of management, intracorporate processes etc.). The author concludes that meeting the employees social needs through personnel management contributes to the accomplishment of the main companys objective: making a profit.

Functioning of regional insurance market against the backdrop of a global financial crisis in 20082009 (case study: Republic of Bashkortostan) 143

The paper offers the analysis of insurance market behavior in the Republic of Bashkortostan under the influence of global financial crisis in 20082009, as well as review of its certain functional problems and current perspectives.





CRITICAL REVIEW of the collective monograph by R.F.Gataoullin, S.A.Gorbatkov, A.N.Biryukov and O.I.Glushchenko Modeling of budgetary processes at municipal level on the basis of neural networks 153


CRIDITCAL REVIEW of the collective monograph by A.M.Iskhakova and A.M.Moukhamedyarov Methods of innovative activity intensification in production enterprises 156


Unity of research and practice at the Institute of economics, IT and management: the impossible comes true!!! (mechanisms to render college training science-based and practice-oriented) 158

..Fattakhov, I.F.Shayakhmetov