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Some Aspects of Studying Theory and History of Local Government in Russia 12

L.I. Gazizova, S.A. Sevastyanov
The article considers some theoretical and terminological aspects of studying the questions of local government in Russia taking into account the analysis of historical experience and modern practice of development of local government. The urgency of studying this problem is determined by the authors as a result of researches of a current state of local government in the subjects of the Russian Federation within the limits of realization of the regional competition of the RHSF and the Government of the Republic of Bashkortostan «Ural: history, economy, culture»: «Personnel potential of the municipal service of the Republic of Bashkortostan as an important resource of local government perfection».

rospects of National Liberation Struggle in the Context of Social Processes in M.A. Bakunin's Works (1860-1870) 17

V.N. Kudryashev
The article presents the viewpoint of one of the founders of the Russian socialism on interrelation of social and national processes in Europe and Russia in the second half of the XIXth century. His attitude to the national liberation movement is shown. The author traces the transformation of M.A. Bakunin’s views on the prospects of the national state system in connection with the development of the doctrine of anarchism.

The Problem of the Dynamics of the Regional Nomenclature during the Post-War Period (1945-1953) 23

V.P. Mokhov
The article considers the factors that influenced the change of the role of the regional nomenclature in the life of the Soviet society. The conclusion that the regional nomenclature was the tool of struggle of various groups of the Soviet nomenclature for domination in the political system is drawn

B.N. Yeltsin – the Leader of Recent Russian History (strokes to the portrait) 30

In the article the author continues to acquaint readers with the main features of the political portraits of the leaders of recent history of the Russian state. In journal № 4 of the current year the talk was about M.S. Gorbachev, the President of the USSR, the author of the policy of perestroika. Basing on the analysis of social and political conditions in the country in the end of the ’80s – the first half of the ’90s of the XXth century, the article gives the description of features and dynamics of the political activity of the first president of democratic Russia B.N. Yeltsin. Comparing various viewpoints of experts and her own position, the author draws the strokes of a political portrait of this inconsistent but, undoubtedly, outstanding statesman.

Post-Revolutionary History of Menshevism in the Estimates of the Social Democratic Emigration 37

A.Yu. Suslov
The main tendencies of the post-October history of the Menshevist party in the estimates of its representatives who found themselves in emigration are considered; key plots and various approaches to the problems of the party history are revealed.

Positions of the Siberian Cadets on the Labour Question in the Days of the Revolution and Civil War and their Reflection in Practice 44

V.G. Khandorin
The article is devoted to the analysis of evolution of the program positions of the Siberian cadets on the labour question during the revolution and civil war and to attempts of their practical realization. On the materials of the party congresses and conferences, cadet periodicals and archival documents the author discloses and estimates the content of the cadets’ policy in the direction of regulation of the interests of manufacturers and workers during the period surveyed, that manifested most distinctly in the course of A.V. Kolchak government.

Ethnography, sources study, archival science: an actual alliance 50

R.I.Yakupov, I.E. Kuzeev
This article is devoted to a new direction of cross-disciplinary researches - to ethnographic heuristics in archives. The author recognizes that the object of attention of ethnographers, the studying of pre-industrial forms of ethnic culture, by the end of the XXth century disappears. It means that the ethnographer loses the sources of information and a field of the activity. But he can address to archives and engage in reconstruction of traditional cultures leaning (basing on) narrative, documentary, visual and other types of sources kept there. For efficiency of such work someone should develop the methods and the technologies of fast and effective search of sources in unimaginable set of archival collections. These questions are considered in article.


Letters of the ‘30s of the XXth Century: Experience of the Historical Analysis (according to the materials of the BASSR) 60

Yu.S. Vorontsova
The article based on archival materials deals with the peculiarities of public life during the ′30s on the basis of the analysis of letters as a historical source. The certain notion of people about the historical reality was the key feature of the ′30s. The analysis of letters helps researchers to understand the given reality better: relationships between people and authority, between people, etc.

Historico-Revolutionary Theme in the Bashkir Opera (according to the example of R. Murtazin’s opera "Dauyl") 66

G.S. Galina
The article is devoted to the discovery of the basic signs of the Soviet historico-revolutionary opera in the Bashkir opera "Dauyl" (“The Storm”) by R. Murtazin. The analysis of the work (a short description of the libretto, main characters, musical means used for their embodiment) is carried out for the first time.

The Split of Evangelical Christians-Baptists of the USSR (according to the materials of Penza region) 72

L.A. Korolyeva, S.F. Artemova
The article analyzes the split of the Evangelical Christians-Baptists (ECB) – the reasons, practice, actions of the authorities at regional level.

Legal Training of the Judiciary and Police of the Russian Empire in the second half of the XIXth – early XXth Century 75

A.S. Masalimov
Legal education in modern Russia is the subject of discussions, disputes, discords. This question was also relevant in the history of Russia in the ХIХth – early ХХth century. The article considers some aspects of formation and development of legal education in Russia during this period.

Russian Orthodoxy: Internal Conflicts at the Present Stage 80

A.K. Pogasiy
The article deals with the present-day problems of the Russian Orthodox Church concerning its spiritual unity and canonical integrity in close connection with the analysis of similar processes of the ′20s-′40s of the XXth century. A sufficiently large number of oppositional church structures indicate that the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) suffers spiritual and organizational crisis.

The Problems of Studying Civil Society in the Course of the National History 87

M.N. Rudman
The article considers the problems of studying civil society in the course of the National history and proposes effective ways of increase of students’ motivation for mastering the patterns of formation and functioning of civil society through a comparative analysis of the laws of the Russian and general history.

Contractual Relations of Russia and Bashkortostan: Outline of Historical and Legal Research 94

T.A. Tukhvatullin
The article is devoted to the research of contractual relations between Russia and Bashkortostan from historical and legal aspects with the conclusion about inexpediency of the conclusion of the new treaty on delimitation of the subjects of authority and powers, and the necessity of constitutional-legal securing of own powers of the subjects of the Russian Federation in their constitutions (statutes).

Foreign Aid to Chelyabinsk Province during the Famine of 1921–1923 99

N.V. Usmanov
The article deals with the activities of a number of charitable organizations from America and Europe on providing food and other help to the starving population of Chelyabinsk province in the early ′20s of the XXth century.

The Study of History, Culture and Language of the Peoples of the Middle East at Kazan Theological Academy in 1854–1920 105

M.Z. Khabibullin
The article is the continuation of the author’s account of the investigation results concerning the role of scientists of Kazan Theological Academy in the study of history, language and culture of Muslim peoples. In addition to the article published in «Vestnik VEGU» № 6 (44), 2009, the author, relying on new archival materials, carries his narration, expanding its chronological framework from 1854 to 1920, from the Volga and Ural regions to the Middle East. In this regard the article gives a comprehensive description of Kazan Theological Academy as one of the centres of oriental studies in Russia.

Benchmarking in Russia: Historical Background and Modernity 111

A.E. Cheremnov
The article describes the practice of studying and introducing progressive experience in order to increase the efficiency of work at industrial enterprises available in the Soviet period of the Russian history. The existing forms of work within this practice are considered to be protoforms of modern benchmarking, development of which in modern Russia, in its turn, will become one of the foundations of the effectiveness of the country.

Section: ABROAD

Historical Experience of Military-Patriotic Education and Training of Youth for Military Service in Foreign Countries (since the days of Ancient Greece to the early XXth century) 116

V.I. Lutovinov
The article analyses the historical experience of training and education of soldiers – defenders of fatherland in different countries and different nations. Basing on the experience of ancient Greece, the author analyzes two directions of this work revealing the features of Ephebians education in Athens and Sparta in detail. The reference to the scientific works and the practical experience of military-patriotic education and military training of youth in ancient Rome, in the East, in European countries from the Renaissance to the early XXth century will be of interest to all the specialists and readers.

The Policy of Positive Discrimination and Religious Minorities in India 124

R.M. Mukhametzyanova-Duggal
The article analyses the policy of positive discrimination and the associated role of religious minorities in India. The system of reservation (quota) seats in government offices and educational institutions for backward sections of the population, including minorities, as well as special government measures on improving the socio-economic level of religious minorities are considered.


The Development of Folk and Amateur Art in Conditions of Reforming Public Relations in the Republic of Bashkortostan (′80-′90s of the XXth century) 132

A.A. Arslanbaeva
The article deals with the development of folk and amateur art in conditions of reforming public relations in the Republic of Bashkortostan in the ′80s-′90s of the XXth century. The role of club facilities in introducing people to the sources of national culture is shown.

The Change of Teachers Staff in 1945-1953 (On the material of Astrakhan and Stalingrad Regions) 137

E.O. Gladkova
The article analyzes the quantitative and qualitative changes in the teaching staff of Astrakhan and Stalingrad regions in 1945-1953. The characteristic features of the teaching staff at schools are revealed. The materials on the staff of teachers of national schools are presented.

Protestants and Neo-Protestants of the Republic of Bashkortostan: Some Factors of Transformation of Confessional Identity 142

A.N. Klyashev
The article analyzes the causes of transformation of confessional identity of the Turkic-speaking members of the Protestant and neo-Protestant religious groups of the Republic of Bashkortostan.


The 150th birthday of M.K.Lyubavskiy 148

Pavlova E. A.


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Valeev G. Kh.

Philosophy of history of the Great Victory in the mirror of modernity (S.A.Tyushkevich Struggle for fire) 155

Lutovinov V. I.

Studies of Novo-Bairamgulovskiy settlement (Sanctuaries of Bakshai) in 2010 157

Rafikova Ya.V., Fedorov V. K.

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